09 September 2021   

Bob speaks on what living at Bellevue Gardens is like.

Known affectionately to the staff as ‘Uncle Bob’, Robert Wilkinson says it was the location that stood out most when he and his late wife Mary first inspected Bellevue Gardens in 2007.  “As with any piece of real estate, location is important. We are so close here to the beaches, shops, hospital and various healthcare facilities.” 

Bob and Mary didn’t deliberate long before making their decision to move to Bellevue Gardens. “It was instantaneous! We had looked elsewhere but other villages had deal breakers such as stairs, car parking or no gardens. Bellevue Gardens didn't have any deal breakers!! It was perfect for us. 

Mary loved the ‘as new’ Independent Living Unit (ILU) they chose to move into. Bob fondly recalls her saying, “this will do me just fine.” More recently, Bob has moved from the unit he shared with Mary into a serviced apartment. “I am quite enjoying taking it easy and settling into my new surrounds. The main difference is the decrease in maintenance, and it is good for those who live on their own. There is a real close-knit community within the serviced apartment residents. It's great! 

Bob sees how hard the kitchen staff are working each day to keep everyone fed and happy. I love that they do the cooking and washing up for me! Now that I am in the serviced apartments, I feel like the service and support I receive takes away my need for hospital stays or respite. The staff are always available, and nothing is ever too hard for them.” 

In all Bob's years in the village, he has always found the staff to be helpful and supportive. This was particularly the case when Mary was going through her cancer treatment. We appreciated it so much. 

day at Bellevue Gardens can be as busy or as restful as you make it. Bob’s day usually starts early. “I used to live on a dairy farm - I still wake up at 5am! Some habits die hard. All my life I have been associated with something. I love the beach & sailing. In fact, I was a coast guard for 22 years!” 

Bob says he and Mary found it easy to make friends in the Village. Mary loved indoor bowls, so she became associated with a group of friends immediately. One of Bob’s sons lives locally, so he visits often, and Bob joins other residents in the dining room for lunch each day. I really enjoy this as it is a time for me to socialise with others and help them feel involved. The serviced apartment residents have a movie night during the week. I enjoy helping to set up and spending a few hours in other people's company. 

So far, one of Bob’s happiest memories at Bellevue Gardens is from 2010, when Bob and Mary were asked to be on the cover of a marketing magazine. We were both so excited. Mary looked so beautiful - a natural model. The marketing team must have felt differently about me though ... only my arm made it to the front page! 

A more recent memorable experience was the Christmas before last when our hairdresser, who was dressed up as Santa, asked Bob to dance. I said "Whacko!" and off we went to boogie on the dancefloor! Overall, Bob says he is very happy living here. “We all have our own circumstances and independence levels, but 90% are cheerful souls. None of us have any complaints about where we live!” 

"The staff are always available, and nothing is ever too hard for them." - Bob Wilkinson

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