How the process works

Your guide to living at a Stockland village

Step-by-step information to take you through the whole process.

Think about your retirement needs

Consider your current and future needs to ensure you choose the right living option for you. Ask yourself what you’re looking for in retirement: a sense of community, being close to family, opportunity to join activities / hobby groups, access to health care, safety and security, privacy, and so on.

Find your ideal village

Stockland has 60 retirement living villages throughout Australia, and your wellbeing is the top priority in each of them. They deliver the perfect balance of energy and relaxation to provide you with a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Choose your ideal accommodation

Stockland offers a range of accommodation types to meet your needs. These include independent living villas and units, independent living apartments and serviced apartments. All are available in different configurations and with extra features.

Research contract types, fees and costs, and guarantees

Stockland provides information on the types of contract we offer and the fees and costs you’ll incur. To give you extra confidence you’re making the right decision, we also offer a Six-Month Change of Mind Guarantee Offer.

Seek independent financial and legal advice

To ensure you make the best choice, we always recommend incoming residents seek independent financial and legal advice before entering into a contract.

Reserve your new home

Once you’re happy, you can exclusively reserve your home. Connect with a Stockland Sales Professional (see below) and sign a disclosure document and any other relevant documents to hold the property for up to four months with no deposit.

Move in!

The best part of the process. Once you have paid any upfront costs, you can then move into your new home and start this new and exciting chapter in your life.

Retirement home buying FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about buying a home in a Stockland retirement living village.

How to make progress

Stockland is here to guide you through the entire moving process. We can recommend experts who can help you sell your existing home, assist you with your downsize, and help you move into your new home.

We understand that moving out of the family home can stir up emotions, so Stockland Sales Professionals, our partners and community managers are dedicated to supporting you through this transition.

Stockland provides different options if you change your mind depending on where you are on your home-buying journey. If you change your mind during the reservation process, simply notify Stockland in writing of your decision and no penalties or costs will apply.

Once settled, Stockland offers a Six-Month Change of Mind Guarantee Offer. If you notify Stockland that you want to move out within the first six months, Stockland will refund all payments you have made to Stockland for your home. This does not include third party costs such as stamp duty (if applicable), removalist fees, solicitor fees and utilities like electricity and gas.

Absolutely! It’s something many of our residents choose to do as it helps them meet the like-minded people in the community and get a real sense of what living in the village is like. You can attend a village event and even arrange a trial stay.

If that interests you, please contact us using the 'Contact us' details below.

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