19 March 2021   

While our residents at Cardinal Freeman Retirement Village love to get out and about in the wider community, they also love taking advantage of the award-winning Clubhouse and social activities right on their doorstep – and why wouldn’t they!

With an exclusive Clubhouse featuring an indoor heated pool, gymnasium, billiards room, bar, lounge and ballroom, there’s certainly plenty of spaces to enjoy. Plus, with a thriving social calendar including exercise programs, games, regular happy hours and more – you could never get bored!

Curious to see what our residents love getting up to most? We spoke to Sandra and Maureen to find out for you.

Wine Maker’s Dinner

What was started by resident Sandra nearly four years ago, has become the night of nights here at Cardinal Freeman! A seasonal event held in Summer, Winter and Spring, The Wine Maker’s Dinner is a big night for resident’s, and a great excuse to dress up.

Residents enjoy getting involved in the lead up to the big night starting with the catering. Chef Finola prepares a special, enjoyable and memorable menu to delight the tastebuds of all who pass through the doors. The menu is then paired perfectly in collaboration with cellar masters to ensure everything is just right on the night. Residents then arrive to their redesigned clubhouse amazed at what they’re seeing – a fine dining restaurant with all the bells and whistles, pulled together by a team of volunteer residents.

Starting in the bar and piano room, residents enjoy mingling, a glass of champagne and canapes before being seated for a delightful three course meal. It’s an evening of socialising, good food, good wine and lots of fun and laughter.

We want a ticket! The tickets cost residents $45 for food only and $60 for food and wine.


There’s one thing to say about the residents of Cardinal Freeman and that’s how generous they are with their time helping others in the village and wider community alike.

Every week the craft group enjoy catching up in their ‘melting pot’ to share the love of knitting, crochet, embroidery and more. Resident of eight years, Maureen, says this is a friendly group of people who love the time to perfect their skills and share their passions. Depending on what is happening at the time, the group love to give back in many ways by sewing pouches for baby animals hurt in the likes of bushfires, creating comfort packages for families in need or knitting beanies for the local hospitals and quilts for babies. The group were even approached to sew costumes for a local production. The best bit of this hard work? Seeing their love of sewing on the big stage!

Bringing people together, Maureen says this group is like their own little community.

Exercise Activities

Ranging from 55 years young to 101 years, our residents are able to enjoy a range of exercise activities right here in the village. Health & Lifestyle Coordinator Rebecca says our residents just love getting active with aqua aerobics, Heart Moves and wellness solutions.

Hosted in the indoor heated swimming pool, residents join instructor Robyn for an aqua aerobics session once or twice a week to move the body in a low impact way, alleviate joint pain and have some fun while doing it! Then there’s Heart Moves sessions also hosted by Robyn. Heart Moves is a popular low to moderate intensity exercise program for individuals familiar with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It’s a great class to ensure that movement is still integrated into life regularly.

Recently launched at Cardinal Freeman is Wellness Solutions, a video-based exercise option for residents to enjoy in their own time or on display in the village theatre each day from 9am-12 midday. Residents pop in and out to enjoy pilates, yoga, meditation, dance and boxing. Our residents enjoy this activity as they can go when they please, go solo or go with a friend.


Movie Mornings

When you have Production Designer and Producer Mr Darryl Lass (of The Love Boat fame) living in your village, you know you’re in for some good entertainment!

At 91 years, Darryl enjoys sharing his joy of writing and love of movies with fellow residents by hosting movie morning each fortnight. Residents come together in the comfort of their own backyard to enjoy movies that are no longer available on the big screen. But before Darryl hits play, he treats residents to the insider makings of each film first. Once everyone has enjoyed the movie of the week they sit back, share their thoughts and talk about the movie. It’s like book club, but with cinema! What a good time.

While we’ve got you, we thought we’d leave you with a little something from Darryl – his life motto! ‘Keep busy, keep active, keep young!’

We think it sums up the lifestyle enjoyed by Cardinal Freeman resident's just perfectly – wouldn't you say?


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