24 April 2017   

5 min read
The residents of Stockland’s Cardinal Freeman Retirement Village were joined by celebrity gardener, Graham Ross from Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens this week to help them pot, plant and prune their way to a thriving community garden.

Graham’s village visit saw him lend a green thumb or two to plant a range of seasonal veggies for the residents to soon enjoy including beetroot, spinach and cauliflower. He also shared his expert gardening knowledge on compost and gardening as a form of exercise.

Graham Ross said, “I love to see people get passionate about gardening. Gardening is a fantastic form of exercise for you as you age for complete wellbeing. At the end of the day we want the residents of Cardinal Freeman to be happy, healthy and engaged with nature and this new community garden will provide that.”

Sandra Kerr, Cardinal Freeman Resident, said: “Having a community garden expands upon the ability to not only have flowers and natives around me but now I can come up here and have vegetables to get produce and eat natural.”

Watch the video below to hear more from Graham and our residents.


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