Join us this August as Cardinal Freeman, The Residences, opens its doors to the public for a series of guided historic walking tours. Take a glimpse into the local history of Sydney’s Inner West and discover the hidden architectural gems within the community.


Set within the village are two striking and notable buildings which have been kept and incorporated into the community in a beautiful display of old and new co-existing harmoniously. 


Built in 1886, Glentworth House, one of Ashfield’s largest mansions, is a heritage listed building originally built for Frederick Clissold, a member of the first Ashfield Council.


Next to it stands an onsite chapel built in 1941, housing some of Sydney’s most stunning stained glass windows and built to a design attributed to the architect Rosette Edmunds, lead designer in the office of Clement Glancey.


This one hour walk will begin at the reception area of the village where your guide will ensure a safe walk around the grounds and an engaging look at the past and present of one of Inner West Sydney’s most vibrant communities.


Key information
  • 137 Victoria St, Ashfield NSW 2131 (enter via Queen St, Gate 9)
  • 07 August 2018
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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