02 April 2020   

Planning for the future is a wise move at any stage of life, but it’s particularly vital for seniors living in stand-alone homes with ongoing maintenance and upkeep demands, given the likelihood of personal health and mobility issues developing over time.

For 66-year-old Michael Costello, being diagnosed with the first symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease was one of the main triggers for his and partner Graeme Haigh’s decision to sell the Dulwich Hill home where they’d lived for around 30 years and move, three months ago, to Stockland’s Cardinal Freeman Retirement Village at Ashfield.


“At this stage, I only have a tremor in my left hand,” Michael says. “But Parkinson’s is – barring any future treatment breakthroughs – a degenerative condition, and the work involved in maintaining a large home with gardens front and back was becoming too much of a chore.”


For both men, one of the biggest attractions of Cardinal Freeman was that it was only a kilometre from their former home, meaning they could stay closely connected to longtime friends and familiar places. Another was the availability of in-home care and support services should they ever be needed, as well as the proximity of the Opal Aged Care residential facility.


“If I do eventually need residential care, I have the peace of mind of knowing I’d be just around the corner from Graeme, so easy for him to visit,” Michael says.


Meanwhile, both are enjoying life to the fullest. “Living here is like being on a luxury cruise ship,” Michael enthuses. “The pool, the gym, the social events on offer, the Happy Hours in the bar, the café – and all the people here are so friendly and pleasant.”

"Living here is like being on a luxury cruise ship" - Michael Costello

Find out more about Cardinal Freeman’s wonderful community. Call 1800 72 71 70 today to speak to Jill and arrange a tour of the stunning apartments and over 55’s community.


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