07 November 2017   

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If you thought lawn bowls was a boring, slow game – think again! Bowls as a social activity and a sport has grown rapidly over the last few years as many realise it’s wide range of benefits. It’s the perfect game for all ages and levels of ability.

From a friendly competition that ends up with laughter over the bar to travelling interstate to compete with friends.  Bowls offers something for everyone, especially those with an interest in keeping active in a supportive and friendly environment.  

Lawn bowls is easy to learn and you might be surprised at your natural talent.  Those who are not 'naturals', usually find they improve quickly as their strength and flexibility improves.  You’ll always have supportive team members who won’t hesitate to show you their different techniques until you find your own style. 

Golden Ponds bowling green conveniently adjoins the Clubhouse and regularly used for practice, weekly events and organised men's and women's competitions.  You can join in and participate as much or as little as you like.  After you join the village, get started by attending one of the practice sessions and try it for yourself. 

If you’re still not sure, here’s 4 hidden benefits of lawn bowls.

Bowls is recognised as an excellent way to increase strength, flexibility and balance.

1. Fitness

Bowls is recognised as an excellent way to increase strength, flexibility and balance. 

Flexibility is increased when:

  • Bending over to retrieve the balls – sometimes from the gutter!
  • Lunging with the ball when bowling increasing flexibility of hips, quads and glutes
  • Sweeping the arm behind and through as you roll the ball

Strength is increased when:

  • Lifting and carrying the balls back and forth at the end of each match 
  • Stepping up and down to get on and off the green
  • Activating hips, glutes and core muscles when ‘dipping’
  • Holding your knees bent or a lunged stance as you deliver the ball

Balance is needed when:

  • Stepping through the stance as you lunge forward or bend your knees
  • Controlling your swing as you deliver the ball
  • In a close game, tip-toeing amongst the balls to decide the winner!  

As with any exercise it’s very important to gently stretch beforehand.  

2. Coordination

Coordination is crucial to avoiding accidents as we age.  Eye-hand coordination incorporates complex neural control, the central nervous system and vision. Using touch, eye movement and hand control, it’s important to maintain coordination with practice.  Lawn bowls uses all of these elements every time you deliver a ball.  

Initially, the stance and movement to roll a ball might feel awkward, as you step forward with the left foot and swing with your right hand (or vice versa).    In time you’ll notice it become natural and as your coordination improves, you timing of releasing the ball will improve too.   

Don’t worry if you start out as a ‘dumper’ or find the co-ordination a bit awkward, coaches can show you other stances and movements that will see you smoothly rolling the ball without any bouncing. 

3. Friendship 

People that bowl together, roll together!  

The social side to lawn bowls is half the fun. It’s not unusual for a competition game to end over at the bar.  A few hours on the green will certainly make you thirsty! 

Between bowls, team members often banter, share gossip or learn more about each other, forming friendships on the field.   Whether cheering on a team member or consoling them after they’ve been knocked out, friendships form quickly as you support each other.   

4. Self Esteem 

After retirement, it's important to our own self-worth to feel valued while nurturing a positive attitude towards oneself.  

Finding purpose in contributing to the team’s success and being valued as a team member, is a great boost to self-esteem.  A friendly competition of lawn bowls is a team sport with supportive team members that help nurture a positive environment.  

Find out more about our village bowls activity, call us on 1800 72 71 70 and ask to speak to us about Golden Ponds Retirement Resort. 

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