13 July 2017   

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A Stockland survey of more than 6,600 residents across 70 retirement villages in Australia has found Lincoln Gardens Retirement Village is home to some of the happiest and most satisfied seniors in Australia.

The Stockland Residents’ Voice Survey is one of the largest, annual surveys of Australian seniors. It asks the residents of Stockland retirement villages to rate their levels of happiness and personal wellbeing and seeks feedback on the quality of community facilities and seniors’ satisfaction with the social life and the friendliness of neighbours within the village.

The 2016 Stockland Residents’ Voice Survey found that 90 per cent of village residents rated their happiness as 7 or above out of 10, with a national average score of 8.5. The 76 residents of Lincoln Gardens collectively scored their village 9.10 out of 10, making them some of the most satisfied seniors in Australia.

Village Manager, Sue Reid, said she was extremely proud to receive such a positive results from her residents in a survey that is so hotly contested and highly coveted amongst the 70 managers of Stockland retirement villages across Australia.

“We’d love to be able to compare and contrast the satisfaction of our residents with seniors living in other villages and in the wider community. However, outside Stockland and to the best of our knowledge, no-one has ever thought to ask other seniors how happy and satisfied they are with life.”


“At Lincoln Gardens, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make our residents as happy and satisfied as possible, with a strong emphasis on high-lifestyle, low maintenance living. We do all of the hard work in manicuring the beautiful gardens that give the village its name, but at heart, we’re in the ‘people business’ and all of our management and staff have a brilliant ‘can-do attitude’ ensuring our residents enjoy living here with great facilities, amongst great friends and with a very full calendar of social activities on offer.”


“And, of course, location is everything in real estate and our residents have chosen wisely and chosen well to live on the beautiful mid-North Coast. With miles of pristine beaches, rejuvenating fresh sea air and nearby countryside, I don’t think you could find a more perfect place to retire.”


The survey also revealed that one of the secrets to a long and happy life is to maintain an active social life. Stockland residents cited the social life within their community as one of their key priorities with seniors increasingly engaging in a wide range of social activities in the village that surrounds their homes. 89% of all residents also rated their social life in the village as a 7+ (out of 10). 

Many residents’ level of satisfaction of life within their village was closely linked to the quality and diversity of social activities available, which includes participating in organised groups, the sense of community within the village, connecting with others and the opportunity to learn or try new things.

Lincoln Gardens offers facilities including a games room, billiards table and library, as well as activities such as exercise classes such as Zumba, craft mornings, a regular ‘happy hour’ and themed events.


“Most of our residents are initially drawn to our villages by the idea of downsizing from the empty nest into a modern, low-maintenance home with increased security and peace of mind but, once they arrive and settle in, they soon realise they have a lot of free time to enjoy life,” explained Sue.

“Residents are often astounded by the feeling of belonging our village offers them and the opportunities that are available for social activities. We have some residents who participate in social activities just now and again and others who want to be involved in absolutely everything. We provide the options; the choice is up to them.”


To see if Lincoln Gardens Retirement Village is right for you, call 1800 72 71 70 to book an appointment and Sue will show you around the village.

You may have to pay a departure fee when you leave this village. You will have to share any capital gains received with the operator of this village.