24 October 2017   

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Hear from one of our Maybrook residents Anne Nolan and find out what retirement living is really like.

We asked Anne to answer some of our frequently asked questions. Hear for yourself what she has to say.


Q: What prompted your move to a retirement village?

A: An easier way of life, security and at Maybrook especially, the atmosphere, the outlook, it was like a resort.


Q: How would you describe your first impressions?

A: First impression was fabulous. Just wanted to move in straight away, which we were lucky enough to do. We had a choice of a couple of units, we chose the one we liked and we’ve been there all those years. Love it.


Q: What made you choose this village?

A: The atmosphere, the people, the whole outlook. And it’s lovely to sit on your balcony and watch the birds, the wallabies and everything out the back. I mean, when you get older, that is all you need. You can still get around, you can get a bus, there’s a village bus and we go shopping twice a week. We have functions here at Marybrook with all our friends, we can have our family to stay and it’s just wonderful.


Q: How would you describe village life?

A: To me village life is what you make of it. You can either be private or social or both. Everybody knows everybody, near enough. Everybody’s friendly. We can have our family here for dinners, lunches, whatever as long as we advise the office first. We have a great time. My friend who lives up on the fourth floor, we’ve been friends here for all those years and we put lunches on, we entertain, we’ve had absolutely wonderful times [sic]. It’s an ideal place to live.


Q: What do you consider to be the best thing about Maybrook?

A: The best thing here is friendliness that [sic] anything you want done is done for you. Admittedly there is a roster and you have to be prepared to wait for that which would happen anywhere but it’s done and you pay your levies and everything’s included in that. What more can you ask for? I mean, it’s just a wonderful way of life. You can have your friends which is great, you can enjoy it, you can have a laugh and joke and you just don’t take advantage of people. I think that’s another point [sic], you’ve got to realise there are people who may not want to participate in things and you have to respect that and I think it’s just a wonderful way of life. Absolutely.


Q: What advice would you five someone considering the move?

A: Not to leave it too late. Some people think that retirement villages are for really old people but that’s not the case. We’ve got people here over 55 and they go to work, they carry on just the same but they still have the lovely social life which we have. I think it’s an ideal place. Some people think I’ll move in when I’m older but you don’t do that because when you’re older then and you come in and you realise how wonderful life can be you think I wish I’d come in when I was younger and that’s where people can make mistakes but I mean, I just think it’s ideal and if I was paid a thousand dollars, a million dollars, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


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