25 September 2017   

2 min read
A brand-new bowling green has residents at Parklands Village bursting with excitement.

Bowls-lovers aside, residents have a good reason to be excited by the latest development at Parklands, NSW.

The new and improved bowling green is not just for the benefit of bowlers; the area is set to serve as a breeding ground for community activities to come.

Almost 30 years ago, when the village was created, the original green was well-used, with residents actively organising events. But over time, the activity diminished. Prior to construction, it was hoped that the rejuvenated bowing green would serve as a catalyst for increased social activity and it is safe to say that this venture was a success.

The new surface is appealing to residents from all walks of life, and has already sparked interest in a social setting. Just ask Don Stewart, President of the Social Committee. “This facility is a great asset for the village,” he says.

“Our social committee can now plan future events for the benefit of all of our residents.”

Parklands Retirement Village new bowling green

To see our new bowling green and the other facilities available at Parklands Retirement Village, just call 1800 72 71 70 to book an appointment.

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