24 May 2021   

While our residents of Queens Lake love to get out and about in the wider community, they also love taking advantage of the amenities and social activities right on their doorstep – and why wouldn’t they?!

Curious to see what our residents love getting up to most? We spoke to our resident of seven years, Nev (and his lovely wife Janice in the background to ‘keep him in order’!), to find out for you!

Let’s Bowl!
While many residents enjoy a bowl outside the village, around five men come together each Wednesday and Friday, to enjoy a sociable game.  The Ladies champs tend to use it on a Sunday to work on their skills, in preparation for a more serious game in the week ahead.  No strict rules at this village though, the green is open for all to enjoy at any time.

Sounds like a great morning out in the fresh air, keeping healthy and active then relaxing afterwards for a chit chat and cold drink in the clubhouse – how did you bowl today?

No Happy Hour at this village, it’s Sipper Club!
We hear this village had to change the name as this little get together tended to carry on more than an hour!  Each Wednesday, around 15 residents meet at the clubhouse from 4:30pm with their BYO drinks and nibbles to share amongst the crew.  Whilst it’s meant to finish at 6pm, we hear on the ‘grapevine’, that some of Nev’s sessions finish at 8pm.  It’s too good to leave they say – an afternoon come evening of 7-way conversations, awful jokes and lots of laughs and banter – there’s so much going on, some weeks it’s hard to get a word in. 

Secret Men’s Business
Well, this is an interesting one.  About 17 years ago this little get together took off, with around 12 male residents catching up each week to share ‘secret men’s’ business.  Each Friday they meet at 3:30pm, but make sure they’re packed up and hitting the pavement at 5:30pm, to ensure their dinner is still on the table.  All the gents bring their own drinks and nibbles and if you’re the birthday boy, you bring and shout for all. 

How do they get away with this, you might ask?  It’s simple, they take their lovely ‘better halves’ out for lunch each month to wine and dine as a group.

Garden Club
It might only be new to the village, but it’s kicked off big time with around 20 residents meeting monthly in the clubhouse with their green thumbs.  Resident Cathy Green encourages residents to join in on their passion for gardening, swapping stories and taking new skills back to their gardens here at Queens Lake.  For those that have success at home, will even bring along cuttings to share with friends. 

Sometimes the month is changed up with a bus trip to their local nursery or listening to a guest speaker, such as one of the residents who was the 2IC to the gardener at Parliament House for 20 years!

Heart Foundation Walking
Village Manager Karen loves to kick start her week with a nice walk around the lake.  Word got out and Heart Moves made contact, so now Karen has around 10 residents join her each Monday morning at 7am for a 30-minute walk around the lakefront walking track – what a perfect way to start the week!  Thank you, Karen.

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