24 May 2021   

While our residents of The Cove love to get out and about in the wider community, they also love taking advantage of the amenities and social activities right on their doorstep – and why wouldn’t they?!

Curious to see what our residents love getting up to most? We spoke to our resident of five years, Lyn, to find out for you!

When resident Chris’ Mum pulled her aside and said “why aren’t you playing Bingo at The Cove,” Chris thought well, why aren’t we? So, after a few ‘lessons’ with Mum, Village Manager Karen got online, purchased some Bingo goodies and Chris got her team to work!

For around two years now, over 20 residents head to the hall and pay $5 to enjoy a fun game of Bingo.  Chris goes shopping to ensure there are plenty of prizes to be won, Lyn sits on the door and gives out the books, resident Tina sorts out afternoon tea and resident Barbara does the calling.  These ladies have it all sorted so that everyone enjoys a fun filled game.

Oh, and I hear the first thing players do before the game starts is head straight for a glass of wine/bubbles and have a little chin wag.  Come on ladies and gents, please take your seats…

Taught to play by the local Senior Citizen’s Club, resident Tina loved the game of Mahjong so much that she held some private lessons in her own home to teach others in the village.  Once everyone was confident, the Mahjong Group was formed and is now held on Thursdays.  They make sure the biscuit tin is full each week, so everyone can break for afternoon tea and enjoy good company over a bickie and a  cuppa tea.

Craft & Quilt
It’s always great to sit around with like-minded souls, so why not join fellow residents in the hall on Mondays for craft or Wednesdays for quilting.  No strict rules in this group, join in and show your passion or simply come down for a ‘gas bag’ and a cuppa – it’s totally up to you.  Some make items for themselves/friends/family and some even help the local hospitals.  What a great group!

Indoor Bowls
Who doesn’t love a game of good old indoor bowls?  As many as 10 residents take advantage of their village green and head down on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon for a bit fun – nothing too serious with this group of bowlers they say. 

Everyone’s invited to join in and who knows you could also reap some of the health benefits for bowlers such as improving your fitness, coordination, confidence and self-esteem. 

Everyone tends to stick around after a game, so donate your gold coin and enjoy a cuppa, biscuit and maybe even bring a plate to share – how was your game today?

Monthly BBQ
It’s not a set date in the calendar, but word gets around the village quickly when the monthly BBQ is on.  Someone rings this person, that person rings this person and so on, and before you know it, you have a great group of friends gathered down by the waterfront to enjoy a relaxed, casual BBQ. It’s an easy one – BYO favourite protein and drink, maybe bring a salad or something naughty and sweet to share afterwards.

Residents say there’s no need to leave the village to visit the local library, as resident Barbara, the village librarian, has got your library spick and span!  Barbara has put a lot of time, effort and love into the library for residents of The Cove and they say it’s looking lovely.  All the old books are gone, and residents continue to donate their books to keep it full and up to date for all to enjoy. Well done, Barbara!


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