While our residents of The Village Swansea love to get out and about in the wider community, they also love taking advantage of the amenities and social activities right on their doorstep – and why wouldn’t they?!

Curious to see what our residents love getting up to most? We spoke to our resident of seven years, Robyn, and her 88-year-young father, to find out for you!

Ageless Grace
The name itself is inviting enough, so there’s no wonder each Thursday morning around 15 residents join educator Robyn for this well-run seated exercise class and move to the sounds of their favourite tunes. 

With a background in fitness, dedicated resident Robyn took it upon herself to complete a 2-day course so that she could bring the love of music and exercise to their village.  For those of you not familiar, Ageless Grace is fitness for seniors to Activate your Brain, Revive Your Body and Improve your Balance.

Whilst this activity is free for residents, Robyn does ask for a gold coin donation if you can, to cover her costs for insurance, first aid and ambulance.  This group is a place for residents to not only maintain their health but also form new friendships.  Robyn says seeing her fellow residents come together each week makes her heart swell…


Happy Hour
Each Friday afternoon around 20 residents gather in the Activities Hall for Happy Hour – it’s a great opportunity to celebrate a birthday, special occasion or ‘just because’ they say.  It’s an easy get together for all and especially good for those new to the village, a great chance to meet all their new friends.  When asked if some tend to ‘kick on’, Robyn swiftly responds no – two hours is enough for this lot!
Oh, and don’t forget on the 1st Friday of each month it’s the sausage sizzle, so bring a gold coin donation so you too can enjoy a snag on the barbie, scrumptious salads and yummy desserts.

Table Tennis
Why not kick start your week on a Monday morning with a game of table tennis.  Table tennis is not only a fun way to spend your time with friends socialising, interacting and feeling that sense of social belonging, it also offers surprisingly great health benefits.  The overall injury risk is low, so head on down and pick up a paddle and stimulate your mind-body with a group of friends for some good old-fashioned fun and laughs of course!


Combined Artists
Formally known as the Arts Group, the Combined Artists of this village come together in the Activities Hall every Saturday morning to enjoy and share their passion for art.  There is no limit to what you can do in this class, they are open to everything and encourage all to teach others their craft in art.  For $5 each week, one resident takes it upon himself to ensure crafts are stocked up and available for all to enjoy.  He even goes to the extent of sitting with residents one-on-one to teach the ‘tricks’ of his much-loved trade.


If you love a good game of cards, make sure you join around 12 residents each Saturday afternoon in the Activity Hall.  What a great way to end of another fabulous week here at The Village Swansea.  Who would have thought a game of cards meant relieving unwanted stress, boosting your immune system, enhancing your motor skills all while socialising and having a good old laugh?

We hear Canasta is very popular in this group, so make sure you’re up to speed on the rules!


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