17 May 2021   

Waratah Highlands resident, John Hellyer created a wonderful tribute towards the ANZAC Day remembrance celebration in the community centre. John served six years in the Australian Army and two years 47 days on active duty in Vietnam as a rifle man.

In 1975 John and Hazel became foster parents. When their foster son turned 18 years of age he joined the military and John and Hazel moved to Waratah Highlands in 2014. In 2015 John decided to start creating the display in remembrance for all the fallen and to respect the honor of the service men today. Both John and his son have lost many friends on active service.

When John became aware that the village had numerous returned service men, John wanted a display for all village residents, extended family and visitors to Waratah Highlands to enjoy viewing and remember the sacrifice of serviceman past and present.

John’s memorabilia is a passion of his and other residents also lend John treasured items. A few residents also help with the display.

Anzac Day Waratah Highlands

 This year the ANZAC Day remembrance celebration was held in the social club, providing lunch and an entertainer dressed in the army uniform singing old time WW2 favourites.

The residents here at Waratah Highlands are extremely proud of John's tribute. Well done to everyone involved in this community spirit event.

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