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Maria Donatiello, Willowdale Resident

"I've never looked back. I didn't miss my home at all because I'm so happy here.Everyone being so friendly and they're absolutely beautiful, everything single one of them. I'm really happy here."

Antonia Bono, Willowdale Resident

"I have a beautiful garden with tomatoes, capsicum, parsley, beans, spinach. I've got everything." 

Maria and Antonia, Willowdale Residents

"We get on very, very well together. We cook together, we eat together, we go out together, we go and buy our clothes together."

Michael and Robyn, Willowdale Residents

"We love this area, love our new home, and personally, I can honestly say I haven't had one moment of regret about making this move."

Lesley Patridge, Willowdale Resident

“You will still enjoy your privacy and you can be as involved in as little or as much of the social activities as you’d like to be.”

Denise, Willowdale Resident

“We know Mum is in a community where she feels safe, she can speak to other people and make new friends, and she has so much freedom."

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