23 October 2019   

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'I haven't had one moment of regret': Downsizing has upsized lifestyle for retirees.

Michael Mariner has already transformed the front and back garden areas of his brand-new, three-bedroom villa with five trailer-loads of pot plants transported from his former home at Chipping Norton. And once he settles in he plans on hitting the gym on a regular basis and playing snooker for the first time in his life in the clubhouse.

Welcome to life in a retirement village. Together with wife Robyn, they downsized their large, two-storey family home and upgraded their lifestyle at Stockland's Willowdale Retirement Village in Denham Court.

"We loved the old place and had fantastic neighbours, but we're not getting any younger, the maintenance and upkeep demands on our home were getting harder to cope with - plus we decided we should make the move while we were still able to make all the decisions for ourselves, rather than waiting for our son and daughter to have to do it for us," Michael said.

"We both had some health issues last year as well, which spurred us to think, right, we've got to make a decision and take the plunge. Why delay? "We love this area, love our new home, and personally, I can honestly say I haven't had one moment of regret about making this move."

The 70-year-old Mariners are enjoying the accessibility of the Willowdale village. It's flat even walkways are perfect for walking their four-year-old miniature fox terrier, Kayser. Their cul-de-sac location also means the absence of any traffic noise.

The friendliness of other residents, walking tracks and proximity to public transport are also big pluses.

"Robyn has just gone into the city on a village-organised group outing for a matinee performance of the musical Muriel's Wedding, with the village bus dropping the group at the nearby train station, where they caught the train into the centre of Sydney at a cost of $2.50 each," said Michael, who also appreciated one of the gardening staff's help in planting a number of rose bushes at the front by digging all the holes.

"With our daughter and her husband living in Adelaide and our son and his family in Tamworth, we also love the fact that we can just lock up and head off for as long as we want with no concerns at all about security, and also that there's plenty of room for our grandchildren to visit and stay with us."

"We love this area, love our new home, and personally, I can honestly say I haven't had one moment of regret about making this move."

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