07 September 2020   

Would you like to know what some of our retirement village residents have been up to? Look no further, we're sharing how one resident is handling COVID-19 restrictions.​

Mike Ellis, a resident at Willowdale Retirement Village tells us what he has been doing to keep mind and body active during this time.


What are you reading?

Mainly newspapers, but I've also pulled a couple of books off the shelf that we have had for years and have made a start on them.


What are you watching?

Movies on Netflix and SBS on Demand. I'm also enjoying a series on SBS called 'Home Ground'. It's about a men's soccer team playing in the Norwegian premier league, who are coached by Europe's first female coach.


What are you cooking/eating?

My wife is still doing all the cooking, so I eat what is put in front of me. Nothing has changed there!


How are you staying fit, both physically and mentally?

The village walking groups have not been able to meet since the COVID-19 restrictions, but I am going out for an hour walk each morning by myself and enjoying the peaceful local parklands. Riding my bike occasionally also keeps me active.

Mentally, I'm still doing Sudoku puzzles and trying to teach myself cryptic crosswords. I'm also tackling a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle but honestly, I'm not getting very far with it.

The Stockland team here has also started up Zoom groups so we're able to touch base with other residents in the village, or even people at our neighbouring Stockland village, Macarthur Gardens. We're fortunate to be able to stay mentally and socially active whilst in our comfortable villas.


What's something positive you've witnessed or experienced since the coronavirus hit?

It's clear that residents at the village have come to terms with the COVID-19 situation and its restriction and have remained just as friendly and talkative as before, if not more. We all still enjoy chats and cuppas while being aware of the safety precautions in place. It's great being part of the community at this time.


What's your advice for others to cope with the current situation?

I think just to accept the situation as it is and make the most of it. It's about finding that balance between doing some of the 'normal' things you enjoy, trying something new, and being as active as you can while staying safe.


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