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Now that you’ve chosen the village and your ideal home, now comes the rewarding experience of de-cluttering and starting afresh.

What exactly is rightsizing?

We’re glad you asked! Put simply, it’s the act of decluttering your current possessions, to help you find the retirement living option that’s just right for this phase of life. This is exactly why the simple act of rightsizing can help you create a fresh new start that supports the retirement lifestyle of your dreams.

Here are some easy yet effective steps to help you transition into a new residence.

1. Create a list
We all have them; that family portrait synonymous with nostalgic memories, or that comfortable armchair that makes your afternoon tea an event to look forward to each day. Only you know the things you simply can’t, or don’t want to, live without.

Top Tip: We recommend making an initial list of ‘must-haves’, and then revisiting these items once you’ve finished rightsizing the rest of your home. This is a great way to discover if you have overcompensated, or been overly enthusiastic.

2. One room at a time
There’s absolutely no need to right-size your whole house all at once. In fact, we strongly do not recommend it!

Top Tip: Pick a room that you think will be an easy starting point, and give yourself the time and space to focus on just that. Once you have conquered your first room, choose your next room to right-size and again, focus on just that.

This room-by-room approach helps to make the whole process much easier and less daunting.

3. Be decisive
Create a ‘yes’ pile. Create a ‘no’ pile. Do not create a ‘maybe’ pile.

Top Tip: A wonderful way to keep a fond memory alive without hoarding clutter is to take pictures of sentimental items. Storing images on your phone, computer or hard drive is much more space-efficient.

4. Find your favourites a new home
Knowing that a beloved possession has found a new home can make this process not only easier but also quite rewarding.

Top Tip: Think of friends and family who might benefit from your belongings, or donate to any one of the many charities that are always in need of generosity just like yours.

5. Value-added downsizing
If you have good quality items that are still in reasonable condition, you have the option to sell them and make downsizing worth your while.

Top Tip: There are many avenues to choose from here, from selling online to approaching people you know direct to having fun with a garage sale.

Here’s what residents John and Dorothy have to say about rightsizing:

When it comes to moving, Dorothy says creativity is important, particularly when finding space for your favourite furnishings.

"Our three-seater couch was too bulky for our new home,” says Dorothy. “Rather than get rid of it and buy a new one, John removed the middle to convert it into a two-seater which fits perfectly. We even sold the centre seat later on eBay." - John and Dorothy Chiron, Selandra Rise Retirement Village