01 September 2021 2 min read

We recently caught up with John Elder, the Village Manager at Newport Retirement Living.

Positioned on a shimmering blue lake surrounded by kilometres of tree-lined walking paths and green spaces, Stockland Newport Retirement Village is a coastal oasis. 

As the only retirement village in Newport, this vibrant waterside community is a sought after home for residents looking to retire their own way. 

Passionate about the area and providing the best for Newport’s residents, is Retirement Village Manager John Elder. 

A background in hospitality, John is focused on delivering a holistic retirement living program and offering to Newport’s residents. We caught up with John to hear more about his role and vision for the village. 


When did you join the Stockland team?
I have been with Stockland for over three years. Last September I started working at Newport in the relief manager role, as the manager was helping out at another village. I became the Newport Village Manager in February, 2021.
What is your career background? 

I’ve enjoyed a long career in management and hospitality. I studied Hotel Management and worked in hotels across South Africa. I became an Officer in the military and managed a 300 bedroom Officers Club. From this role, I was promoted to a Catering Officer, working in a large army hospital. Before coming to Brisbane, I also spent over 10 years in the United Kingdom running a country estate.

What is your focus as Village Manager for Newport, and what do you enjoy about your job? 
My main focus is ensuring that residents enjoy a wonderful life in our village. We are dedicated to helping residents enjoy retiring their way, and work to provide the facilities and activities to enable this. I really enjoy interacting with residents and staff and its very rewarding to see people enjoy a wonderful way of life in our village.

What do you think residents love about Newport Retirement Village and why would you recommend this community?

I believe that our location is really special. We are lucky to be positioned so close to the water, with amazing views of Newport Lake and beyond. There are so many exceptional facilities our community can take advantage of such as the pool/ BBQ area, gym, library and café, as well as the kilometres of walking paths and expansive green spaces. Combined with all the social aspects of our community, and support that comes with living in a Stockland village, it really is a great lifestyle that’s hard to beat!