08 December 2017   

3 min read
It’s that time special time of the year when the community comes together to celebrate the joy of the festive season. Residents of North Lakes Retirement Resort share a range of seasonal activities guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit.

Christmas is all about coming together – and in our village, there is no exception. Friends and neighbours spend quality time together, celebrating a warm sense of community throughout the festive season.

This time of year is always the highlight of our social calendar, providing an incredible array of opportunities for residents to get involved. It started in the first week of December with a group of volunteers spreading the Christmas cheer by adding Christmas decorations around the clubhouse and town hall. Some of the key Christmas activities include:

  • Christmas luncheon on Tuesday 12 December
  • Christmas Carols on Wednesday 13 December
  • Christmas Dinner on Tuesday 19 December
  • Christmas Raffle Draw on Wednesday 20 December

There are also various parties organised and a special get together on Christmas day for those residents who are unable to travel or be with family.

Village Manager, Josh Hargans, spoke of his joy in seeing the community come together every Christmas. 

“The best part of Christmas is seeing everyone come together and be supportive of those that no longer have family or have family close by."

If you’re looking to escape holiday-fuelled loneliness, and these activities sound enticing, a move to a Stockland Retirement Village could be the best thing for you. Plan ahead and find your new home before next holidays, and for now, surround yourself with family, laughter and joy and make this Christmas all the more merrier.

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