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Hear from the residents at Salford Waters and meet the friendly village team.


Trevor and Merrilyn, Salford Waters Residents

"For us it was the best move we've made and we've never regretted it one day. Life hasn't been this good for us, really, I think it's perfect."

Archie and his furry friend Nellie

"Salford Waters has proved to be a great home for Nellie and I. Nellie is very popular around the village and knows all the best places to visit to get a Jatz biscuit on our walks."


Karen Hook, Salford Waters Resident

"It has been a really fabulous move, we really enjoy all of the activities and the comradery within the village. People have said to me you're to young to live in a village and I just think that’s rubbish! I could live anywhere, but why wouldn't I live here where people are looking out for me? A beautiful place to live."

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