31 October 2017   

2 min read
You might think it’s a small thing, but to our residents, it makes a big difference!

Salford Waters recently purchased a Solar Powered Pool Cover Roller to prevent injury, save on the power bill and help the environment.

Solar Power pool roller makes it easier for residents


The old cover (pictured below) was heavy and had to be rolled manually by turning a crank wheel. The cover itself is really important as it saves energy, reduces evaporation and keeps the pool clean.

Old pool cover roller 

The Village Manager, Ashley Salman arranged the upgrade and said,

“My main worry was injury when moving the cover or if it was moved when someone wasn’t around to help.   Solar was the perfect solution, especially as we have the most beautiful weather, it feels like sunny blue skies everyday”.

The new powered roller makes using the pool effortless and easy as it rolls up the pool cover in minutes just by pressing a button.

Pool cover roller solar panel 

Living on the pristine waters of Redland Bay with views to MacLeay Island, it’s easy to see why every little bit helps when looking after our environment. Solar is a great option as it saves the environment while saving money.