18 December 2017   

2 min read
Our much loved Hair Salon had a makeover, take a closer look!

The residents at Salford Waters were thrilled with the recent makeover of their Hair Salon. 

Incorporating the latest design trends of black, it was a challenge to balance pops of black while keeping the space light and welcoming. 

Black glossy tiles now create a contrasting back-splash that's easy to clean, but also ties together black elements threaded throughout the studio.

The new shelving holds a larger range of professional products and complimented by a polished hair dye shelf combined with a sleek black mobile trolley to make it easier to mix the perfect hair colour.  

Even the new Hair Hood Dryer is black with a balanced airflow design to dry hair quickly and evenly, it's easy to get the perfect perm. 

The hair wash basin is closely located to a sink, wrapped in the glossy black tiles, making it quick and easy to wash up after each session. 

Reconstituted stone benchtops soften the stark black finishes in a light coastal sands colour with quarts chips for frequent and rough use.  

We look forward to seeing new makeovers from our fresh salon. 

The hair salon's good looks are not only skin deep. Don't let the glossy finishes fool you; the quality of the finishes makes this salon easy to clean and hard wearing.