Hear from the residents at Shine and all the things that make them feel good.

David & Ann Bird Testimonials

Experience their day to day activities and hear why they moved to the stunning Sunshine Coast. 

Peter Billingham Testimonials

Hear from Peter on his move to Shine. 

Shine's Wellness Coordinator

Hear from Gavin Buzza, Shine's Wellness Coordinator, about the state of the art Wellness Centre, fitness classes and programs he offers the residents - as well as why he thinks Shine is a great place to retire!

Robyn Hauser, our Village Manager

Take a tour of the Clubhouse and stunning display apartments with Robyn, the Village Manager and hear about Shine's community.

Five Good Friends

Hear from Nathan Betteridge from Five Good Friends on the services they offer residents at Shine.

Allied Health Professionals at Shine

Hear from the Allied Health Professionals on the physiotherapy options and clinical consults available to residents, and their goal in keeping everyone feeling good.

Opal Aged Care

Hear from Rino from Opal Aged Care, located just next door, and the fresh meal services availalbe to Shine, as well as how important nutrition can be to feel good.