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McNab Construction are powering ahead with the Construction Schedule on-track to have our first residents moving in mid-2018.

October sees construction sprint ahead to the next major milestone of 'topping out'.  This is a significant event as the construction achieves it's literal apogee or its most auspicious point.     

The construction status is: 

  • Roof sheeting has commenced and will be craned upto the 8th floor and installed over the next 4 weeks as we prepare to top out and reach the highest point of the village.   
  • Two display departments have been fast-tracked within the construction site and will be completed in November.  Both apartments feature two bedrooms and two bathrooms and will be available for tours by the local community and the first purchasers. 
  • The main NBN Fibre will be laid to the village and will now be pulled through the rest of the site and prepared to connect to each apartment.  The NBN Fibre connection is featured in an easily accessible cabinet between the kitchen and living room and will be used for Internet, 24/7 Emergency Call system and any other services that need a fast internet connection, such as Foxtel or Netflix. 
  • The kitchen and bathroom cabinetry will be delivered and installed into each apartment with two different colour schemes, deep drawers and soft-close fittings.  Once the joinery is completed the sinks, plumbing, benchtops and tiling will follow quickly. 
  • The lift-wells have been completed with brushed stainless steel doors now visible in the hallway, installation of the lifts will now commence in November.  

If you are driving or walking past the construction site this month, you'll notice the crane lifting the final roof beams and roof sheeting into place - we just hope this perfect weather continues with gentle breezes while the crane is operating!