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It’s that time special time of the year when the community comes together to celebrate the joy of the festive season. Residents of Bay Village Retirement Estate share a range of seasonal activities guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit.

Christmas is all about coming together – and in our village, there is no exception.  The season starts on the first Friday of December when residents come together to decorate the community centre.

This has become a grand tradition and some of decorations are over 30 years old, handed down by from resident to resident. Like our Nativity which was original handmade by a residents family. Christmas carols are played during the decorating; and after we all enjoy a large slice of Lions Christmas Cake and sit back and admire the centre.

The second Friday in December is the village Christmas Party.  The night before the Social Committee comes together to decorate tables and prepare the food for the following day. The traditional party servers are always the staff, and this year office staff Peta, Maxine and Village Manager Terri served 105 residents a 2 course sit down lunch.  Lashings of roast turkey, ham and salads for the main course with warm Christmas pudding for dessert. 

Everyone makes sure they still leave enough room at the end for ‘a chocolate from Santa’ with our coffee.  This year, a couple of residents were a little under the weather to come to lunch so we did home delivery of their Christmas feast – so no-one missed out. 

On the Monday before Christmas we always have Christmas Carols, where residents also present a song, a reading or a joke. Everyone then joins in singing, followed by drinks and nibbles, it’s such a wonderful evening. 

Village Manager Terri Winn spoke of her joy in seeing the community come together every Christmas.  

“Of course our residents are all very busy people out in the community, so there is lots of opportunities to share in the Christmas Spirit whether it’s Probus, Rotary or Church Groups. Whatever we are up to, we have a good time in the village and there is a real sense of festive spirit and companionship.”

If these activities sound enticing, a move to a Stockland Retirement Village could be the best thing for you. Plan ahead and find your new home before next holidays, and for now, surround yourself with family, laughter and joy and make this Christmas all the more merrier.