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VICTOR HARBOR – Bay Village Retirement Estate celebrated a special anniversary, with village manager Terri Win celebrating 25 years in her role. Terri has seen many changes to the village and the wider Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay community during her time as manager. Terri said she enjoyed helping people become part of a small community that offers support to one another. “It is great to have companionship around you when you’re going through major changes in life,” she said. “Most of the other people have gone through a similar experience. I do love the village and the people, it’s all about the people really.” The job has been difficult at times, especially when residents have passed away. “You can have compassion overload. I’ve known some people for 25 years, almost like they were a parent. They’re almost like my friends, my parents and my grandparents." “But I’ve loved it and it has gone quick.” The village works like any small community, with committees, a social club and interest groups. Terri manages a small team of five staff. “I’ve had brilliant staff along the way,” she said. When she first started at Bay Village there were 118 units. Now there are 161. Many of the village’s residents are volunteers in the community through radio stations, the council or other volunteer groups.
First published in the Bay Times Newspaper