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'You never know who your neighbours are!'

Do you remember that old saying, ‘you never know who your neighbours are’?! Well, that certainly rings true when you’re living in a retirement community full of interesting lives lived!


Residents of Stockland Bay Village were delightfully surprised to discover one of their very own had a history with NASA! Myrna was employed by NASA from 1960 – 1970 as an Electronic Technician – wiring and soldering on small computers that were made for Astronaut Space Walkers and Satellites, while working on the Luna Landing Module.


After a fruitful career, Myrna decided to settle in to retirement living at Stockland Bay Village to enjoy the convenient location and look after her health. Since moving in mid-2019, Myrna says ‘the village is perfect for me. It’s well designed, well looked after and the staff are wonderful.’

Research from the Property Council of Australia shows that there are three (3) main reasons that people move into retirement communities, such as:


  1. Community - The people you’ll meet and the social gatherings you’ll enjoy
  2. Health – Access to convenient health and wellbeing activities, care services, etc.
  3. Value – The cost of living in a retirement community is believed to be lesser than maintaining a family home


What are you looking for in your move to a retirement community? If it’s the people you’ll meet and the adventures you’ll have, then we can only imagine the amazing stories, experiences and memories you will be able to enjoy with your fellow neighbours!


So, who else might be living at Stockland Bay Village?!


Source: Property Council of Australia, http://www.retirementliving.org.au/wpcontent/uploads/2013/12/Resident-Profile1.pdf