20 December 2017   

1 min read
If you think you’re the biggest retirement living sceptic, then think again. In this five-part podcast series, Australian actor Shane Jacobsen explores retirement living in some of Stockland’s villages.

After recently considering retirement living for his mother and facing the taboo of the ‘R’ word head on, Shane decided to step inside some of our retirement villages to see what life is really like. 

“We’re all getting old, or at least older,” he says. “It’s something everyone keeps talking about, but it’s a subject that’s not always comfortable to discuss.”

With his sceptical companion Carmel, they visit a number of villages and over the series cover a number of different hot retirement topics such as perceptions, considering the options, myth shattering, then realisations and reflections. 

“A big part of the trouble is working out how to get old,” says Shane. 

Did they find the answer? 

Listen to the podcast below or visit iTunes to find out!

"So why is it that we feel a bit funny talking about moving into retirement villages? That’s exactly what I wanted to find out.” - Shane Jacobsen, Actor and Comedian