26 September 2017   

3 mins read
Meet the Team - Emily Bey, Sales Professional

Hillsview welcomed a new Sales Professional last month, Emily Bey. We’ve taken a few minutes of Emily’s time to get her impressions of Hillsview and Retirement Living.

She made the move from residential real estate to Retirement Living, because she was seeking something “more meaningful”.

“I’ve been in Retirement Living for a few years now, and I’m still so happy I made the move. At the risk of sounding a little cheesy - I love that I get to help people find their forever home. Residential real estate was more transaction based and less caring.”

“I have worked at quite a few villages and they’ve all been nice, but the first thing that struck me about Hillsview was the views. No matter where you are in our village, you have amazing vistas of either the hills, the sea, or the Happy Valley reservoir. There is an immense feeling of openness and space. I love all the gardens and tranquil sitting nooks. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re still only a few minutes from major shopping centres and facilities.”

The range of social events and activities has also taken Emily by surprise. “Some residents were telling me yesterday that their children complain they are never home when they call! Their social lives are just too busy and there’s always something new to try.”

In the last couple of weeks Hillsview has also introduced Water Aerobics classes in the indoor pool and the whole village is loving it. “We always welcome residents’ suggestions for what new event or activity they want to see next!”

Being new, we asked Emily how she was getting out to meet the residents. “At Hillsview, if you go outside at about 4 o’clock, everyone will be out walking their dog. With the weather warming up it’s such a great time to meet and get to know more residents. I go hiking with my sister every weekend, but some of our residents could give me a run for my money” laughs Emily.

For anyone considering Hillsview or wanting to know more about Retirement living, Emily says “Come and have a look;  just do it! Residents are always telling me they wish they’d made the move years ago.”

“Don’t be afraid of change, embrace the idea of change. How often do you get the chance to move into a renovated home where everything is brand new? Last week, a prospective resident was telling me how excited she was to buy brand new, matching brightly coloured appliances for her new kitchen – her enthusiasm was absolutely fantastic.”

“Get out there and have a look around. Visit some villages and get a feel for them. Go during the week so you can see their social calendars in full swing.  And don’t be afraid to ask questions. You need to be sure that you have all the information you need.”

To meet Emily or to arrange a tour of Hillsview please call 1800 72 71 70.


“Come and have a look; just do it! Residents are always telling me they wish they’d made the move years ago.” -Emily Bey, Sales Professional