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Meet Emily, our Sales Professional at Hillsview Retirement Village, South Australia.

Why did you choose to work in Retirement Living?

Coming from a residential real estate background, the most meaningful thing for me is that a move to a Stockland community is a ‘forever move’, it’s not just a quick transaction.

How long have you worked at Hillsview Village?

I’ve been with Stockland since July 2017 so about 4.5 years now. I’ve worked at Hillsview and Walnut Grove all that time, and Grange for almost 4 years.

Why do you love your job so much?

I love that I don’t just work with customers/clients for a few months, I get to help them move in and then I get to see them every day while they’re living here and enjoying their new lives. 

What does a day in the life of a Sales Professional look like?

It’s different every day! I spend a lot of time showing customers around, looking at different homes to find something that’ll suit them, helping them work out how the village will suit them (i.e. what social activities they would enjoy, how best to set up their home, putting them in touch with some ‘buddy’ residents who already live there), etc. You have to be organised in this job; the other big part of what I do is being the “go to” person for my customers to coordinate their settlement, their documents, measuring up the unit for furniture, getting quotes for anything new, getting access to store belongings before settlement, coordinating settlement day itself, etc. I’m really thankful for my organised used-to-work-in-admin brain on these days. 

How would the residents describe you?

Bubbly, outgoing, friendly, and they’d probably say something about the fact that they can always hear me coming because of my high heel boots I wear every day. I think they can all tell that I love what I do too. 

Why would you choose to live at Hillsview Village?

It feels like you’re on holiday all year round. No matter where you are in the village, it really has that holiday resort feel. I could definitely see myself enjoying a cuppa and a good book on my own balcony here, looking out at the hills.

What is the biggest change you have seen in a residents’ life?

It’s not one particular resident but I love seeing people who take advantage of our affordable homes and the great residential market at the moment, and manage to buy themselves a full house of new furniture, a new car, a fancy caravan, a nice holiday, etc. A lot of the time these people have all their cash tied up in their home and it’s awesome to see them free up some ‘fun money’.

What are the benefits of retirement living?

In a big-picture sense, it’s twofold. 1) The ‘peace of mind’ side of things when it comes to maintenance, knowing you’re financially secure and can budget easily and that any issues will be taken care of for you. 2) The social side of things – having a ready-made social calendar of activities right on your doorstep makes it so easy to be involved without having to travel/drive/go out of your way. Having a good social support network and regular activities has huge wellbeing benefits for our residents too.

Why do you think people choose Hillsview village over others?

The view and the grounds are the main draw card. We have so many people from the country, the riverland, the hills, SA wine regions, etc. move here because they’re used to having a gorgeous view and that sense of space around them, which we still provide but within close proximity to city/medical/etc. A lot of people come back from the country because travel to/from Adelaide for medical appts etc with specialists is too much of a pain as they get older so Hillsview is perfect middle ground.

What are the main preconceptions about village life at Hillsview Village?

Across the board I think a lot of people expect Retirement Living to be full of ‘old people’. They’re always pleasantly surprised when they visit, meet some of our residents, and see how vibrant and social all our villages are in their own way. I think people are also surprised by the different ‘personality’ or identity each village has – they’re not all cookie cutter, same same. 

What do you often hear from residents after they have moved in?

Without fail, it’s always that they should have done it sooner! Also, I love hearing about people who pick up new hobbies or new social groups – like the people at Hillsview who uncovered a love of painting through our art classes, or have taken up an interest in music through a music group

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about moving into a retirement village?

If possible, I think the best thing to do is a Trial Stay at the village you’re considering. It’s a great way to actually experience life as a resident and gives you so much more insight than just a 45 minute tour around the facilities. In the current market my advice is also to do your research ahead of time – so many communities are sold out/at waitlist so to avoid missing out on your ‘must have’ home it’s important to narrow down where you want to be, and get on the waitlist so you don’t miss out when the time comes. Also a great idea to get 2/3 appraisals on your house at the start of your process, as a lot of people are very pleasantly surprised by what the current market is doing and how much money they really have to play with.


To tour Hillsview Retirement Village simply call 1800 72 71 70 to book an appointment with Emily.