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We interview village resident Jenny Wotton about why she chose retirement living, and her life since moving into the Ridgehaven Rise Village.

Jenny moved into Ridgehaven Village in May 2011. “I had lived in the area many years ago, but for the last 20 years we had been living in Naracoorte.”

There were two reasons that Jenny and her husband made the move. “The main one; I was missing my grandchildren. Being in Naracoote we were only able to come up about once a month, they were growing so quickly, I felt I was starting to miss out.”

The other reason was more around concerns of being isolated in the country. “If anything happened to either of us, we would be stranded. We felt that we needed to be in Adelaide and close to family and support.”

Once Jenny and her husband made the decision they discussed it with family, and decided a retirement village was an option worth looking into. “My daughter – who lives nears Ridgehaven, said we should come up and have a look. We had looked at a few other places around, but decided that Ridgehaven was the one that suited us best. The size of the units at Ridgehaven was a big factor for us, some of the other places that we looked at, you couldn’t swing a cat in.”

Once the Wotton’s moved in, they knew that it was the right decision for them.  “It’s given us a whole new outlook on life. We are just so busy. My husband has always wanted to be more involved with the community, but we didn’t have the time. Now he is a passionate volunteer around the district.” 
“I joined the Modbury Ladies Probus Club and I became club secretary about 2 years ago. Moving into the village was the best move we could have made. There’s a great social life within the village, and we also plan lots of outings and social events.”

For anyone else thinking of making the decision, Jenny recommends that people do their homework. “Get your information together and discuss with your family. Consult with a lawyer so you understand everything, and really be sure about what you are getting.”

Jenny’s last piece of advice for anyone considering a retirement village. “It’s a life I would recommend. We love it and I think it’s ideal for anyone downsizing and coming to that stage of life. I also think people need to do it earlier than later. Not leave it till your old – so you can enjoy it and travel and do what you want to do while you can.”


“It’s given us a whole new outlook on life. We are just so busy." - Jenny Wotton