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What’s the secret ingredient that makes retirement living so great?! Community spirit. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at the heart of the Stockland Somerton Park community.

For decades, residents and guests alike have selflessly contributed to the thriving sense of spirit by taking up community hobbies and volunteering. Quite notably we’ve had two long running husband and wife teams leading the way with Jim and Nancy Findlay volunteering for a massive 27 years! While guests of the community Don and Elaine Jury have enjoyed volunteering and mingling with residents for more than two decades!


Don Jury in particular, has volunteered as the Shop Auxiliary President and was a member of the Buyer’s Group (a group of volunteers who would visit the local warehouse to replenish the shelves with stock). The Village Shop, established by residents in 1978, is rostered with 18 volunteers and provides the community with fresh food, beverages and general groceries for purchase, while all proceeds are reinvested back in to the community or charities.


In retirement, the days are yours to keep busy, take up hobbies and enjoy meeting new people, and that’s exactly what our community has enjoyed. On a more personal note, hobbies have also been shown to improve health, keep the brain sharp and increase social happiness!


If being part of a community and filling your days with meaningful activities sounds like you, come and visit us at Somerton Park. Some even find it hard to say goodbye, with Don still participating in operations long after he hung up the hat!



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