08 December 2017   

3 min read
We did a quick Q&A with Sales Professional Ben Mumford on his thoughts about Stockland’s Unity Retirement Village
When you started working at Stockland?

Hi Everyone, my name is Ben Mumford and I am quite new to Stockland an have been the Sales Professional at Unity since September 2017. 

What were your first impressions of Unity?

Since I have arrived, the residents at Unity have been more then welcoming and helpful whilst I was learning about the village.The village has a great community due to the residents being a social bunch who like to get involved in new things. I have been invited to quiz nights and art exhibitions for graffiti art made by the residents, it’s been great.

What is the most popular social activity at Unity?
I would have to say the crafts, I often see the ladies in both the serviced apartments and independent living units busy making all sorts of things. You can tell they’ve done it for years as they can knit without even looking, I think this is so it doesn’t interrupt their conversations, it’s a great social event.

What is your top tip for those considering a move to Unity?
The same tip many of our residents would give, don’t leave it to late as I’m sure when you move in you will love the village as much as the residents and staff do.

What are your hobbies outside of your work?
My hobbies outside of work are to play guitar, and trying to be as active as I can. I   love getting involved with sport – particularly on the water, which is so easy in Adelaide as we generally have warm weather. 

The best advice I ever received from a resident…
Don’t sweat the small stuff! And I try to follow it. Life is about getting the most out of it and the Unity residents certainly live up to that.

If you would like to meet Ben, or arrange a tour of Unity Retirement Village please call 1800 72 71 70.