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For Marion and Colin Winn, retirement living has allowed them to continue their passion for gardening while also growing their social connections.

The couple now have one of the brightest and well-maintained gardens at Stockland’s Unity Village in Aberfoyle Park.  They’ve also nurtured the start of some life-long friendships with residents who have similar interests.

“We looked at a few retirement villages but for us, it was important we still had room to garden.  We are avid gardeners and Unity offered us the space we needed to pursue our passion,” Marion said,

“We have a lovely garden with brightly coloured roses and an abundance of home-grown vegetables.  We’re so grateful we can continue our passion for gardening into retirement.”

The married couple moved to Unity two and a half years ago after downsizing from their large family home.

They enjoy the simplicity and convenience that comes with retirement living.

“Retirement living provides all the comforts of home without the stress that often comes with home ownership,” said Colin.

“We have access to all the amazing facilities at Unity including maintenance personnel and even a gardener for larger jobs that we can’t do ourselves.

“It’s very convenient, particularly as we get older.  It’s a great life at Unity, it’s such a vibrant community and there’s plenty of things to do.”

The couple have a low-maintenance sized home in the heart of Unity.  Marion enjoys having more time to spend socialising with other residents in the village rather than doing housework.

She regularly attends craft group and takes part in exercise classes.  While Colin is also an active member of the Unity community and plays half-court tennis, table tennis and outdoor bowls.

“We couldn’t have enjoyed living at home as much as we enjoy being here,” they say.

“We’ve made some amazing friendships and the social connections we have are just outstanding.  Moving to Unity is one of the best decisions we’ve made. It’s given us the time to do what we love – gardening and socialising.”

For enquiries regarding Stockland’s Unity Retirement Village, please call 1800 72 71 70 or visit stocklandretire.com.au

“Retirement living provides all the comforts of home without the stress that often comes with home ownership.” - Colin Winn