24 June 2016 2 min read

Residents of our Unity Retirement Village in South Australia made headlines recently when they put on exhibition in the honour of Anzac Day 2016.

The exhibition represents the sacrifice of a young bride and her soldier, who put their love, dreams and future on hold while he fought in the war. The artwork was made using red paper poppies, enough to cover an entire wedding dress and more.

Barbara Wellington, Mary Phillips, Stella Sanders and Jo Hendry led the project, making over 2000 paper poppies to cover the dress. The dress was donated to the village for the project. 

The dress’s flowing poppy train represents the blood shed on the battlefield. Mrs Wellington said, “It was white and Mary dyed it. Then we started making and making and making. I think it’s better than what we anticipated, and we enjoyed doing it.”

Ms Phillips added, “We didn’t know whether we could do it to start with. It just looked overwhelming. It was a labour of love, and it brought us together too.” 

The exhibition also featured knitted poppy tea cosies and curtains as well as photos and memorabilia, some belonging to our residents.