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Residents at Unity Retirement Village celebrated diversity and inclusion on Wear It Purple Day on August 27. Through wearing purple, residents engaged in discussions about support for the LBGTQIA+ community on this annual day of awareness.

This year’s theme, “Start the Conversation…keep it going”, focused on the importance of conversations in daily life around orientation and identity. Aiming to remind people that the issues we reflect on during Wear it Purple Day should not only be considered on that particular day, but every day. 

In their fourth year of celebrating, Lyn Welch, Personal Care Supervisor, said the attitude towards LGBTQIA+ support has grown over the years and has helped to educate residents and friends. 

“It is amazing how many people now say ‘love is love’” said Lyn, reflecting on the changing outlooks over the years, “education has been the key for us to understand each other”.

Beginning with the objective of making residents families feel welcome, over time residents have learned to understand the difficulties LGBTQIA+ people can face when in entering a new community. Their support at events such as Wear It Purple Day lay the path for residents and their families to feel confident to be themselves and safe to express their identity in their village. 

It is has been wonderful to see another year of the support from Unity Retirement Village looking fabulous in purple and keeping the conversation going across their community.