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One of the great things about living at Stockland Walnut Grove estate is the coming together of community. This year Walnut Grove decided to combine their exercise classes with fund raising.
Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest nations. All rural families dream of owning a cow but the reality is that most families will never be able to afford one.

South Australian identity Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello started a charity ‘Cows for Cambodia’. It’s essentially a “COW BANK”. Local Cambodian families are loaned a pregnant cow, which they look after, after which they get to keep the baby cow. It’s more about providing an opportunity to break the poverty cycle rather than a direct handout.

The program is very well known in South Australia, and the Walnut Grove residents wanted to get involved. “Our calendar is pretty full with lot of activities and we were wondering how we could do something for the ‘Cows for Cambodia’ program, that’s when the idea came to combine rising money with our regular weekly movement classes.” Says Village Manager Darren Ward.

The classes are run by Stockland team member Cindy, and the residents provide a ‘Gold Coin’ donation every session which they used to donate directly to ‘Cows for Cambodia’.

Our community spirit extends to our staff, with Cindy taking part in the ‘Cow for Cambodia’ program trips and she saw the program in action. Walnut Grove residents were able to see that their donation for 2017 was used directly to purchase rice for farming families. 

Those lucky enough to live at  Walnut Grove retirement estate relish in the incredible offering of activities like exercise class as well have making a real difference.