24 June 2016 4 min read

You’ve made the exciting decision to move into a retirement village – so what’s the next step?

While it’s easy to get distracted by thoughts of what you will do once you settle into your friendly new community, there are a few things you need to focus on first. Making a “to do” list is a good starting point. Set a deadline for each item to help stay on track - but make sure you add in plenty of down time for relaxing and socialising.

Securing your new home

Once you have decided on a retirement village that is perfect for you, the next step is choosing your new home.

Our helpful staff can help you select your ideal abode and provide you with an exclusive hold which will allow you two months to sell your current home from the time it goes on the market. Stockland’s reservation process means that at most retirement villages, you are not required to pay a deposit when you reserve your new home.

Selling your current home

Most people will decide to sell their current home before moving into their new community. There’s quite a few decisions you will have to make as part of the process, including choosing an agent, deciding on the sales strategy such as auction or private treaty, and determining a price. 

A reputable real estate agent will be able to give you plenty of advice on the sales process and negotiate the sale for you. Research the right agent by asking for recommendations from friends and family and taking a look at their sales history. Ask a few agents to inspect your home and give you a rundown of how they would market your property.

You will also need a solicitor or conveyancer for certain documents like the contract of sale and you will be asked to decide on advertising options.  The Real Estate Institute of Australia has a handy fact sheet for selling a property on their website at www.reia.asn.au which lists the steps in the selling process.

Getting ready for moving day

Once you have set a date for your move, you will need to book a removalist.

If you prefer to handle the packing and unpacking yourself, have boxes ready for the removalists to load into the truck. Alternatively, you can employ a packing service so you can relax and focus on setting up your new home.

Here are some handy tips to help with the move: 

  • Book a removalist as soon as you decide on a moving day.
  • Clearly label moving boxes (or employ a packing service)
  • Arrange to disconnect your phone, gas, electricity etc
  • Inform Australia Post and other service providers of your new address
  • Pack necessities like a kettle and toaster last and keep this box handy for the first day in your new home
  • Keep important documents close at hand 

A Stockland Sales Professional can help with information on planning your move and the various services that are on offer in your local area. Before you know it, you will be enjoying the benefits of your new lifestyle!

Gloria and Alan Holt says moving to a Stockland retirement village was the best thing they ever did.

The couple employed the help of family with packing and on moving day, they oversaw the operation before heading to Fremantle for a three-night break to relax and prepare themselves for their new life at Affinity Retirement Village.

“We will never regret it,” says Gloria. “It’s like starting a whole new life again.”