24 June 2016 3 min read

The reception area in Stockland Sydney Head Office has had a make-over, thanks to our Arilla Village residents who in October 2015 created a series of artwork for us to display.

The six unique paintings were created by the resident’s painting group who have been painting together for almost 18 months. 

The group meet every Friday morning for the class which is run by fellow resident, Lillian Ormandy who has been painting for 35 years.

Igor Merkin, General Manager Operations, was visiting the Arilla Village at the time the group was holding a painting sessions in the Café area of the Community Centre. He mentioned the idea of showcasing their artworks in some of our offices for our people to see, an idea the resident’s loved.

Igor said, “I was so impressed with the talent and determination of our residents, some of whom have only taken up painting since moving into the village.  We have some extremely talented residents living in our villages across the entire portfolio, and it is great for us to be able to recognise and share their talents with the wider business.”

The painting group consists of six of our residents, Anne Field, Wendy Oinsent, Stuart Bligh, Kevin Canning, Val McKie and Lillian Ormandy who acts as their painting teacher.

The works will be displayed on the Level 25 Reception area in Stockhome starting today and will remain on exhibition for six weeks. 

"Arilla Village Manager Karen Tripney, said "It's been wonderful to see my residents encouraging each other and enjoying each other's company. It's amazing to think that some of them have never painted before and have found a new interest and talent. I'm so proud of what they have achieved."