Explore the area around Donvale

Donvale is the ideal location to pursue your interests in and outside the village.

Location highlights

These are just some of the activities in the area our residents recommend.

The favourites

  • The Pines Shopping Centre
  • Mullum Mullum Creek walking trails

What's in the area

Nearby highlights

Westerfolds Park

Just a short drive from the village you will find one of Melbourne's hidden gems - the stunning Mullum Mullum Creek Trail. The trail stretches 5.5km from Sherbrook Avenue to Highland Avenue and has many entry points along the way. 

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Doncaster East Shopping Centre

There's shopping entres, and then, there's a day out. Known to us locals as the 'Donny', the Centre is host to a range of cafes, shops and dining, and this can make for a whole day of fun with family and friends. 

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