02 October 2017   

3 mins read
One of the reasons Donvale Village is so popular is Village Manager Pauline Bates. Pauline has been at Donvale since 2012 and the residents can’t imagine life without her.

Hello, I’m Pauline the Village Manager at Donvale Retirement Village, from the moment I arrived at Donvale everyone made me feel so welcome, it’s exactly how a new resident is made to feel. When I arrived I felt I was being made part of a family, I still feel that way every day.

Donvale is special because of the culture of fun and engagement. The residents really come together to support each other. There are so many things on, our dinner dance events are always a resident favourite, but we also have an extensive program of lifestyle and social activities to ensure we have something for everyone.

Apart from all the activities, the atmosphere in the village is down to the great group of people I work with here at Donvale.

They are just such a great bunch; our Lifestyle & Well-being Co-ordinator, Jane is famous for her morning tea scones. She learned to make them years ago when she was a shearers cook.

Carol, our wonderful Receptionist, calls herself a ‘Greek Princess’ and says as royalty, it’s her job to keep us all in order.

Our Gardeners Kat and Vlado could give Google a challenge on how much they know about plants and our residents love to consult with them, it’s like our own Gardening Australia.

Our wonderful maintenance man Gary can turn his hand to anything – well almost! Gary only has one eye, so the joke in the village is that residents don’t ask Gary to help hang their pictures for them.

If someone was thinking about Retirement Living, I often suggest to people, particularly at the early stages, to go around to different villages. Make a list of the features, services and amenities that you are looking for, and think about what’s important to you. For example do you need a lock up garage; is a pool a must have?

When you visit a Village go down that list and see which village ends up with the most ticks. It might help to narrow the field.

Remember a Retirement Village is for maintenance free living and a wonderful lifestyle; do it sooner rather than later. You’ll be glad you did.


You can visit with Pauline at Donvale Retirement Village, call 1800 72 71 70 to book an appointment.