Things to Consider

There’s a lot to think about when making any move, below is a list of things to consider, plus resources and tools that Stockland offers to help with making the decision to move into a retirement village.

Video: Contract Types Explained

We've put together a simple video to help you understand about our two contract types:

  • Peace of Mind Contract
  • Capital Share Contract


Watch the video: here


Change of Mind Money Back Guarantee

To ensure that you are happy with your new home, Stockland offers a Six-Month Money Back Guarantee.


A step by step process to buying and living at a Stockland retirement community

Monica Quaresima, Stockland Sales Manager, shares a step by step guide on how to find the perfect retirement home and community.


Stockland Retirement Living eBook

Download your copy of the Stockland Retirement Living eBook which contains all the things you need to know about retirement living, including links to handy references such as informative videos and articles.