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These brothers and sisters were reunited in happy retirement.

At Stockland's Gowanbrae Village, Victoria there are seven set of siblings living independently in the village. There are four sets of sisters (including a set of twins), two sets of brothers and one brother and sister. Sisters Beth and Joan even moved in six years apart, but on the exact same date.

Each of the sibling’s remark that the biggest advantage to living in the village is that it makes it much easier to keep in close touch with each other and as well with their extended family, whilst still having their own space. Some of the siblings have always lived close by to each other but others, like twins Shirley Durney and Margaret Lyon, are enjoying being back together after life has previously taken them further afield.

“Living here has brought Margaret and I closer and makes it much easier for our families to be in contact as well,” Shirley says.

In almost all cases, when one of the siblings saw how beautiful Gowanbrae Village is and how much fun their sibling was having, they were quick to make the decision to join them.

“Patty was ‘never’ going to move into a Retirement Village,” sister Beryl says. “However, when she visited and loved the look of Gowanbrae Village and saw how settled I was, she was smitten. So, here we are, eight very contented years later.”