17 November 2017   

5 min read
Meet Christine Daly, our village manager at Gowanbrae Village.
How long have you worked at Gowanbrae Village?
I have been at Gowanbrae for about 15 months. I was at Plenty Valley Village before that, and have also worked at Tarneit Skies Retirement Village. So all up, I’ve been with Stockland for over seven years.

What attracted you to becoming a Village Manager?
I was close to and loved my grandma dearly. I’ve always liked the idea of caring for people who had worked hard all their lives, and making sure that they enjoyed their retirement.

What were you doing before becoming a Village Manager?
I worked at Village Roadshow as an assistant to the Financial Director for 14 ½ years.

What do your daily activities involve?
It’s a long and varied list that includes things like being the main point of contact for our residents, working with contractors and head office, preparing reports, administrative tasks, accounts and budgeting, arranging village maintenance, overseeing projects and managing the village team.
I also work closely with the Sales and Legal teams to ensure our residents get the information and support they need. 
Are there many resident activities at Gowanbrae Village? Which is the most popular?
Yes, our residents are very active and we have many activities at Gowanbrae. Water Aerobics, yoga, fun exercises, Zumba, indoor and outdoor bowls, games night and happy hour are just a few!

Tell us about the team at Gowanbrae?
We have a team of three other team members at the village. Cindee our bright and bubbly Administration Assistant, is the first person you’ll see when walking through the Community Centre entrance. 
Cheryl and Astrid are our Health and Wellbeing Coordinators with nursing backgrounds. They are here to help our  residents stay healthy and well.
All have been here for at least five years and have great relationships with our residents.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Being a village manager can mean you work long hours so I make sure I spend time with my family as often as possible.

What do you think is the best thing about Gowanbrae Village?
The residents and staff are amazing. And the village facilities and grounds are extensive and beautiful, especially in Spring.

Gowanbrae is such a popular village, why do you think that is the case? 
Feedback is that it’s usually the location. The village is located in an area which provides easy access to Melbourne airport, city and Airport West Shopping Centre.

People often confuse retirement living with aged care. What is your advice to people who do?
Unfortunately this is still something I hear after all these years working in retirement living! People think they are still too young to consider moving, but I say why not enjoy your retirement and all the resort-like facilities while you can? So many people, after they’ve moved in comment on how they wish they’d done it sooner.

Any advice for someone thinking about moving into a retirement village? 
Don’t leave it too late - you need to be able to enjoy the activities and facilities our wonderful Village has on offer.