15 February 2019   

3 min read
Margaret and Janice both moved into Highlands Retirement Village around the same time and were instrumental in setting up the residents’ craft group.

Set up over 9 years ago, the group meets in the community centre three times a week. Their repertoire covers stuffed toys, coat hangers, blankets, scarves, baby clothing and more.

In addition to selling their product, the group donate their goods to cancer charities and The Northern Hospital. They also make toys for the annual Family Day event where residents are encouraged to invite their family members to the village to celebrate with fun activities throughout the day.

It’s not all about crafting though.

“Some residents don’t craft and will come in for a chat”, says Margaret.

“It’s more than just a craft group, it’s like a friendship group”, adds Janice.

The best part about craft group?

“The parties!” says Margaret gleefully.

“Everyone brings along a plate and we all sing happy birthday. We have one every month, sometimes two!”

In addition to running the craft group, both Margaret and Janice join in on other resident activities such as exercise class and walking groups. Janice believes she and her husband have become more active since moving to Highlands.

“We didn’t do anything outside of the village”, she confirms.

Margaret leans over and whispers to Janice quietly. Janice nods and giggles.

“Can I tell you something? I’m teaching Janice’s husband Jim to crochet!” she blurts out. Both burst into laughter.

“She’s teaching him how to use the sewing machine too!” adds Janice between the laughter.

Perhaps Jim will be joining craft group too? There’s always room for more members!


“It’s more than just a craft group, it’s like a friendship group” Janice, Highlands Retirement Village resident