15 November 2017   

3 min read
Meet Sheila Kop, Highlands resident and knitting maestro.
When Sheila moved to Highlands Retirement Village over 7 years ago, the much loved community centre hadn’t even been built.

“We didn’t even have the milk bar!” she adds, laughingly.

So what was it that made her decide on Highlands?

“I looked at the brochure and thought ‘this looks good’ and I get a brand new house!”

When the community centre was completed a short while later, the residents formed the Craft Group. Sheila has been a member since its inception.

Her specialty is knitting, especially toys. A keen knitter since she was five years old, Sheila started knitting clothes for her children. And when they started having their own children, she moved onto making toys for the grandkids.

“I enjoy making them and I’m glad that people enjoy what I make.” 

At the moment, she’s teaching her granddaughter how to knit with impromptu lessons during visits.

“She asked how to do something, and it just grew from there.”

Sheila’s knitted toys are so popular, some Stockland team members have been known to put through special orders. But where does she get her inspiration from?

She happily confesses to her love of pattern books - she admits she would be lost without them.

This is how she learnt to make her popular ballerina doll, which is always in hot demand. (So hot, we don’t even have a photo to show our dear readers!)

 “The first one I made was for my granddaughter, then I made one for the craft group. I never realised they were that good. I’ve forgotten how many I’ve made!”

If you’d like to check out the amazing projects the Highlands Craft Group have completed, visit the village at 236-238 Waterview Blvd, Craigieburn between 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday. The dedicated craft room is located inside the Community Centre, speak to a friendly team member and they will happily take you on a tour!