08 August 2018   

3 min read
We caught up with new residents, Dwight and Anna Smith, to chat about why they made the decision to move to Keilor Retirement Village.
After a neighbour made the move into a retirement village, Dwight and Anita became interested in the advantages that the lifestyle offered. They researched online and visited a couple of villages and discovered that Keilor Retirement Village ticked all the right boxes.

The couple visited the village a few times and found the process very thorough. The sales process was very positive, with no pressure and lots of choices. They were provided with all the time they needed to make their decision.

The moving process was also positive, as there was no pressure to move in immediately, helping the pair to downsize. They had moved a few times before and with some experience under their belt, decided to hire professionals to do the moving for them.

Anita and Dwight were pleasantly surprised with the size of their new home, how spacious it was and the amount of storage space available.

“The homes are larger than we expected,” Dwight explained. “We knew that moving into a village we would probably have to downsize somewhat but we weren’t sure about the amount of room.”

“We were quite surprised at the time!” Anita added.

The couple are completely settled in now and are still near friends and family. They keep up with activities outside the village, as well as participating in ones within the village. They are involved with Channel 5, the resident TV channel, take swimming classes, play indoor bowls and croquet.

What advice would Dwight and Anita give others considering making the move?

“I think it’s a good decision to make,” said Anita. “We have a couple of friends who we think should be doing what we’re doing now!” Dwight added.