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Sales Professional Angela Hardy provides helpful tips for new Knox residents

Angela Hardy has helped countless residents move into Knox Retirement Village, so we sat down with her to discuss points of advice for new or potential residents and why she loves her job so much.

The first piece of advice Angela has for new members of the community is a simple one. 
“Downsize. My motto is ‘less things less worries’. Its very cleansing, it’s hard to do but very worthwhile. There are lots of services out there that can help with it if it’s a bit overwhelming.” 

Having helped people transition into retirement living for some time now Angela has dealt with her fair share of preconceptions about village life in Knox Retirement Village. 

“A lot of people think they are being locked up at first, and you definitely aren’t! It’s amazing how many people don’t truly get that it’s independent living. The biggest difference is you are in a community with facilities, activities and friendship just at your door step.” 

If you’re not sure about the benefits of retirement living, Angela has one piece of advice.

“Don’t leave it too late. I hear so many residents saying it.  You want to be able to enjoy all aspects of it. Activities, social events, travel etc. The brilliant thing about living in a retirement village is you have freedom to do whatever you want, if you want to lock up your place and head overseas – you can. Your place is looked after and you don’t have to worry.”

What makes Angela’s job so great is the fact she gets to work with the Knox community. We asked her why she would choose to live in Knox Retirement Village herself. 

“I think because the people are happy and friendly they wave at you, have conversations daily.  You don’t get that in other suburbs. You walk out to get the paper and you will always be greeted with a friendly wave or hello.  It’s fun, friendly but you have your independence with security.”

Aside from the fantastic community, Angela adores what she does for work. 

“I love working with the demographic, I’m an empty nester I have to nurture someone it’s in my nature. I love helping people and seeing that I actually make an impact on their lives. This is not a normal property transaction, I just love my job.” 


"Don’t leave it too late. I hear so many residents saying it." - Angela Hardy