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Over her 14 years working at Latrobe Retirement Village, the thing Kathryn always hears is ‘I wish I’d moved in sooner.’

What surprises Kathryn the most about her 14 years working at Latrobe is that she still loves coming to the same job every day.

“Michael Smyth has been an amazing mentor and manager and I’ve been very lucky to work with him,” she says. “But the best part is the opportunity to hear some of the life experiences of our residents.”

There are residents who have been members of council, telecom engineers, war veterans, teachers, farmers, authors, shipbuilders – the list goes on. “They have all led such interesting lives and when time permits, it’s wonderful chatting with them.”

A typical day for Kathryn involves activities schedules, the handyman’s job schedule, checking with the nurse on residents’ health as well as bookkeeping and compliance work.  But the part that brings a smile to her face is her day-to-day interactions with residents. 

“Our residents are kept busy with a great range of activities,” says Kathryn. “A typical week might start with chair exercise classes followed by a cuppa and a chat.”

Then there’s iPad, computer and iPhone support classes followed by afternoon bowls on the green or mah-jong and cards. 

In the evenings there’s line dancing, table tennis or billiards, just to name a few options.

“The social interaction and sense of community is a huge bonus in a retirement village,” says Kathryn. 

So what does she wish people knew about retirement villages? 

“It’s a great lifestyle choice that frees up time from the usual jobs that owning a house and garden brings. It gives people the freedom to participate in activities if they choose – and it gives family members the peace of mind that their parents are not alone.”

If you’re thinking about making a move to a retirement village, Kathryn’s advice is, “don’t wait – do it now.” 

To find out more about living at Latrobe Retirement Village, call 1800727170 or make a visit today.  


“The social interaction and sense of community is a huge bonus in a retirement village.” - Kathryn Eley, Assistant Manager, Latrobe Village