20 July 2017   

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Bud Anderson, carpenter by trade, joined the Long Island team as Handyman and Landscaper in 2001. With over 15 years’ of experience, Bud is well and truly engrained into the village community.

“I actually did my apprenticeship across the road 40 years ago, although back then it was the Church of England boys society camp”, said Bud.  

“I consider the residents and staff as friends, we are like family here – we have our moments like all families but at the end of the day we are looking out for each other. It gives my work more meaning, It makes coming to work very enjoyable.” 

Days in the village keep Bud busy, “I love the diversity of the role, it always starts at 7am in the Community Centre ensuing all amenities are ready for the day. Then the day just unfolds. From changing light bulbs, mowing the lawns, clearing the gutters, general clean up, doing paperwork or focusing on a bigger project. If I’m lucky I get to have a cuppa with a resident.”

“I’ve been really looked after here - I’m given the top of the range tools which allows me to keep maintenance at the village to a high standard, I really pride myself on this”

His proudest moment was saving the village $30,000 by replacing the boundary fences himself.

Bud’s advice to anyone thinking of moving into a retirement village would be “Do it before you get too old, enjoy the facilities, it's so easy - you don't have to stress, all maintenance is taken care of.” 

“My parents actually moved into the village 20 years ago, I was apprehensive about Mum and Dad moving in, however it is the best thing they ever did. They moved in their 70’s which was great as they have just had so much freedom. It has been so great to see.”

“I consider the residents and staff as friends, we are like family here" - Bud Anderson